Tuesday, February 13, 2007

DVDs are ready for distribution!

Hey there people....

The DVD package are ready for distribution. Hence, those of you that have placed your order can either call either one of us to make necessary arrangements to pick them up OR you can come to our distribution port this FRIDAY.


Venue: Makbul, TTDI (next to Rasta)

Date: Friday, 16th February 2007

Time: 8.30 p.m onwards

Just look out for the usual suspects to get your DVDs. And maybe you can even join us for a drink or two and just catch up on things (Li Lian, I hope you can make it!).

FYI, we do not entertain walk-in orders. Should you be interested to get yourself a copy but have yet to place an order for it, do let us know, so that we can make extra copies for you.

Hope to see you there!

On behalf of the rest of the crew, I would like to wish Happy Chinese New Year to everyone that's celebrating it this year. May your year ahead be filled with love, joy & prosperities!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

DVDs ready for sale...!

Hey there people...

I hope it's not too late to wish everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Sorry that it had taken us quite a while to update the blog. However, during the long silence, our team (Mark) had been busy editing the video and slide shows for the DVD. And now it's ready for production!

Now all we need is to get the exact number of CDs to produce. Since most of you didn't indicate it in the log book during the reunion, maybe you can just drop us a comment below to place your orders, OR you can email me your order requests at zahureen@gmail.com, OR you can even call any of the members (their numbers are displayed on the sidebar) to order.


Items: 1 movie DVD + 1 picture CD

Price: RM10 (excluding postal charges)

Delivery mode: By post (please include your mailing address), OR
Collect from us (please include you contact number)

We would appreciate it if you could place your orders by the end of the week (21st Jan) (28th Jan) so that we can expedite the delivery process.



Postage charge: RM3 (std rate throughout M'sia)

Payment method: You can either bank-in/transfer the money to my a/c (pls email me to get the a/c number) OR pay cash when you collect the DVD.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Establishing an SMTTDI Alumni - Need Feedback

Dear friends,

With regard to the above matter.

2. Firstly, I must commend the committee in charge from the beginning and the individuals that have drive the committee, such as Mark, Dona and Zahureen. I'm sure I missed a few names such as Ideham and Megat that have contributed a lot to the success of the event. Unfortunately, my then impending wedding and later moving into a new house prevents me to assist in planning the event.

3. Secondly, In the light of our recent re-union function, it came to my attention that we are the first batch to successfully hold two re-union at a "big scale" for our school. I'm sure the 'post mortem' meeting that was held later, managed to highlight the strength and weakness of the event. I'm sure such considerations and suggestions that were made within the meeting be taken into consideration for future events.

4. Thirdly, though our alma mater can be considered young, (established in 1981, if I'm not mistaken), it would not be wrong for us to formally and legally establish an alumni association. Such association would in the first place, be a gathering or platform for alumnus to get in touch with each other and socialize. I'm not denying that such activities can be held without the ambit of a formal association, but nevertheless it can be use as a basis to form future committees for whatever events to be held.

5. Such an association, will be an impetus for more events and activities between us. If not that than at the very least a reason to meet each other for an annual general meeting. And should there be any opportunities, this association can help the school with programmes for the students.

6. Furthermore, a formal association will have with it a legal framework to collect, manage and spend funds so that it would any financial management falls upon collective responsibility rather than be a personal liability.

7. The initial cost for such an establisment would not be more than RM40.00 (RM6 for forms and RM30 for stamp plus photocopying cost). The minumum number of persons that need to be involve with the initial setting up is seven people.

8. With that, I submit my arguments and suggestion for the establisment of an SMTTDI Alumni Association for your further considerations.


Ahmad Amryl Abd Malek

Monday, November 27, 2006

More pictures of the Reunion...

Hey guys,

Here's some of the pics taken by the photographer that we've hired to cover the Reunion... We'll be burning the rest of the 300+ pictures soon together with the video footage that we've shot during the event (I bet most of you didn't noticed that there was a camera recording your every move during that day) plus the slideshows shown real soon. So for those of you that are interested to buy it, just drop us a comment/email/sms and book yourself a copy ya...


the badges

the yummylicious cake

the emcees

the kodak moment

the excited faces

the happy faces

the old friends

the joy

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Iskandar's Slideshow

Hi Everyone,

The link below is for a slideshow of some of the photographs I took at the reunion. The slideshow will go by fast at certain points but there is a button on the control panel which allows you to browse through the photos one by one if you want to.

Anyway, it’s going to take me awhile to upload all the photos to my website but I’ll make sure I email everyone when I do.

I’ll also make a CD/DVD and prints available to purchase later on if anyone wants any. Of course you’ll also have the hired photographer’s pictures too, so there are lots of images available.

Take care and it was great meeting you guys & gals again.

Do Keep In Touch.

Iskandar Azaman

Point44 Photography

Monday, November 20, 2006

So it's finally over...

For those of you who came, we hope you had fun...
We, the committee, definitely had a blast!

For those of you that didn't make it, well... you guys missed a one hell of a reunion..

We'll post up the pictures real soon.. Do watch out for this space!
If any of you want to share the pictures that you've taken, pls email it to zahureen@gmail.com and we'll slot it in here.

Oh yeah, we'll be compiling the pictures taken by the photographer we've hired and also the slideshows shown during the event real soon. We'll update you guys once it is ready for distribution.

On behalf of the committee, I just would like to thank all of you for coming last Saturday and bringing the house down!


Friday, November 17, 2006

Map to Tropicana

Click on the map for larger image